Wednesday, June 19, 2013

CMA Fest recap: Day 1

I've been to CMA Fest a few times by now and it's usually hard for me to pick a favorite night because they tend to be pretty evenly matched. Not so this year. In my opinion, the first night was the strongest night by far. Before the show we headed to the BMI stage that was set up outside of LP Field. They had performances there each night of the festival, but we only made it to the first one. And that's where this starts.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

CMA Fest recap: Day 2

So day 4 was JakeCarrieStormGate 2013. Day 3 was the Lenny Kravitz fiasco. Day 2? Well, there was  some sort of technical difficulty and a huge failure to communicate just what was going on. A situation that they chose to handle by not handling it. The artist involved? Little Big Town. But like the other couple of days, I'll get to that later.

Let's start with the beginning of the night show at LP Field.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CMA Fest recap: Day 3

All right, so we covered day 4 and what I dubbed as JakeCarrieStormGate 2013. Now we move backwards to Saturday, day 3, which gives us yet another controversy. This time involving the surprise guest. A guest which has me wondering just what on Earth the CMA was thinking. Actually, scratch that, I can guess what they were thinking: having this artist showing up on the TV special airing August 12th will make for good TV. Or rather, what they believe will be good TV. I may be way off base here, but lately it feels like there's people out there who seem determined to prove that country music is cool. And do so by trying to cater to fans of other genres. It's the only explanation that makes sense.

The problem? Well, first it implies that country music isn't cool already and that's nonsense. Country may in fact be at the height of its coolness. Look at how just about every singing competition has a country judge now. People say that having Keith Urban on Idol or Blake Shelton on The Voice helps the genre, but I think it's the other way around. Having a country act on helps those shows. Country music, once the red-headed stepchild of the music industry, has become a force too powerful to be ignored. Country fans have proven to be a valuable commodity. Thanks in no small part to their unwavering loyalty. Country music is perhaps the coolest it's ever been. So what's up with the CMA, or networks like CMT, trying so hard to prove their coolness to people who don't care about country music? And in doing so, alienate the people who do?

Again: I could be way off base here. But there's no other logical explanation I can think of that justifies why they'd choose this particular guest. A guest who may have performed a longer set than any of the other acts during the night shows. So I still have to ask just what the CMA was thinking? And why?

Of course, my day didn't start off with this guest of dubious inclusion. It started earlier, at the Bud Light Stage at the Bridgestone Arena Plaza...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CMA Fest recap: Day 4

Hello everyone. Long time, no post. I'm not going to waste time with excuses that don't mean much anyway. The important thing is that I'm getting back into writing and what better place to start than with this year's CMA Fest? I hadn't been for a few years and this is the first year I've attended as a Nashville resident. I was pretty surprised by how different living here seemed to make things. I'm not even sure I can describe it, but it was an interesting experience. I really didn't get to do as much as I'd originally hoped, but I figured that I'd talk about the things I did and the shows I went to. I'll be breaking it up by day and event and also talk about a few others things. Like what could be improved upon and believe me, there's a lot.

Now I'm sure some of you looked at the post title and maybe got a little confused. No, you did not miss any posts. I've decided to do something a little strange and work my way backwards. Starting off with day four and ending with day one. Why? Well, if you were at the festival or if you've been reading about it, than you know that there was a fair amount of controversy surrounding the last night. I've seen some misconceptions about what exactly happened Sunday and I really wanted to address those. Give my take on the evening and share a few pictures. Suffice to say, CMA Fest did not end on the best note. It did not end the way I'm sure they thought and hoped it would.

So if that sounds like something you want to hear about, I invite you to sit back and relax, perhaps with a nice beverage of some sort, and keep on reading. Be warned: this is a long one.