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Video spotlight: Story of My Life by The Piano Guys

I first came across The Piano Guys a few months ago, thanks to Peter and Evynne Hollens who had filmed a wonderful video for "What Are Words" with them. Since then, I've watched some more of their videos, though I don't believe I've seen them all. When I started this video spotlight series, I figured that I'd be featuring them at some point. I had another of their videos in mind for the first one I'd write about and was set to start writing about it. But then I watched this video and that was that. I don't think you can go wrong with any of these videos, but this one seemed like such a great introduction to the group. What I love about these guys is that they take classical pieces of music and pair them with recent hits in some fashion. I'm such a fan of this concept because I think it builds a nice bridge between different kinds of music and I always enjoy when people do that successfully. For those who may find classical music to be somewhat ina…

Video Spotlight: She Used to Be Mine by Evynne Hollens

Evynne Hollens has become one of my favorite singers lately. She has such a Broadway voice, one that's a pretty perfect blend of technique and emotion. Watching this woman sing feels kind of like watching a vocal master class. In fact, Evynne has a voice lessons series on her YouTube channel that I really like. She explains things very well and is always so much fun to watch. Plus she's so encouraging that in a way it's like getting lessons from a friend. Aside from that, I believe everything she sings, which is wonderful.

If I have any problem with Evynne, it's that she puts out so many great videos so consistently that it's nearly impossible to pick which one to write about. I want to write about them all, especially the ones she's been doing lately. She's actually got me thinking that I might do a couple of weeks devoted strictly to Disney related videos. It'd have to be a couple because between her and her husband, Peter, there's so many great o…

Video Spotlight: Everywhere You Look by VoicePlay

Hear ye, hear ye! I have an announcement.
The talented men of VoicePlay have been quite the busy band of a cappelling bees as of late. There's their new Partwork series in which part of the group gets together to do a video. This allows them to create and release more content. There's been two videos in the series thus far. The first was a cover of Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself" featuring Eli and Geoff. Today's video is the second. This time, instead of double the Geoff, we have double the Layne. And instead of having triple the Eli, we have triple the Earl. Leaving one member of the group who has yet to be featured in Partwork. That would, of course, be Tony the Tony who has presumably been busy doing various Tonyish things. I'm guessing that we'll see him in a Partwork at some point. At least I - and all VoicePlay fans, I suspect - hope so. 
Aside from Partwork, VoicePlay has also been doing 1 Minute Musicals. These are exactly what it sounds like…

Video Spotlight: Mom by Home Free

Mother's Day is this Sunday and what better way to pay tribute to all of the wonderful moms out there than with a sweet Home Free video? This is their beautiful cover of "Mom" by Garth Brooks. A word of warning: if you are a mom or have or had a great mom, you might want to grab some tissues before watching. This is one of those.

Watching this makes me think not just of my mom, but all of the others moms I've had in my life. For my mom, who is not just my mom but is also one of my best friends. One of my main concert buddies and one of the reasons why I love to read and, by extension, write. For Babi, my dad's mom, who we lost way too soon. She called me Kimbe and we had a special bond. Some of the best memories from my childhood are from when we'd drive down to Chincoteague Island in Virgnia to see her and also go to their annual Pony Penning. For my grandmom, who was not exactly what you'd call a soft woman. She was strong and tough, but there was never…