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Covers Wish List #3

Welcome to the third installment of this series! If you missed them, you can check out parts 1 and 2 here and here, respectively. Again, this is an ongoing thing I'm doing and I'm enjoying it so far. It's fun trying to think of songs that never, or rarely, get covered and then deciding which current artist could do it best. Each installment will feature 10 songs and then if anyone would like to suggest any, let me know and I'll add it in as a bonus song in a future installment. It can be any song, from any artist in any genre from any time period.

Before I get started, I want to first to tell everyone about a movement going on in country music right now. Some of you may have heard about this already. I'm taking about the "Sixty for Sixty" movement. What is it, you ask? Well, George Strait will be turning 61 on May 18th. So far in his career he has had a total of 59 #1s. Now we're not talking about the same song being released on multiple charts or rem…

My 2013 ACM Thoughts, Picks & Predictions Part 2

Wanted to stop this off by saying that if you have any thoughts about anything I write about, I'd love to hear them. Whether you agree or disagree, I welcome opinions of all kinds. All I ask is that everyone remain respectful. I had a comment come in last night on one of my reviews that I ended up deleting due to the use of profanity. That's something that I'm not going to tolerate. There's no need for it. I don't like deleting comments, but I will remove any that include profanity. Right now I allow anonymous comments and I'd like to keep it that way. Hopefully that comment will prove to be a fluke; it's the first one I've gotten that I felt I had to remove. I really don't think this will be a big problem, but I wanted to get this out there.

So now that that's taken care of, here's the rest of my ACM thoughts, picks and predictions. Kicking it off with...

My 2013 ACM Thoughts, Picks & Predictions: Part 1

Well, the Academy of Country Music Awards - the ACMs - are less than a week away. So it seemed like time for me to get myself into gear and get my picks all posted. I'm going to try to get all my picks up in two posts and then I'll be doing a couple of follow up posts sometime after the show. Remember the show is this Sunday, April 7th, on CBS at 8PM Eastern and will be hosted by Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan. I'm going to miss seeing Reba hosting, but I'm looking forward to seeing what Blake and Luke come up with. I can only imagine.

I have to say that I thought some of the nominations this year were downright wacky. Some great examples of industry politics coming into play for some of them. I don't blame the artists for this; I just think it's messed up. So for anyone who was disappointed that one of their favorite artists didn't get nominated for anything, please keep this in mind. There were some major snubs this year. Not to mention some ridiculous incl…