Thursday, April 6, 2017

Video Spotlight: Blue Ain't Your Color by Home Free

Hear ye, hear ye! Home Free has released their first video of 2017 and boy, is it a great one. The men of Home Free took a couple of well-deserved months off and now they're back at it. Back on the road and back with new music. One of the best things about supporting Home Free and other acts like them is seeing which direction they go next. Today's video is their version of the Keith Urban hit "Blue Ain't Your Color". If this video is any indication, Home Fries are in for a wonderful year!

Check it out.

You know, they could have decided to keep this a little closer to the original, but they didn't. Part of the reason why Home Free is so great is because they know how, and when, to change things up. They take "Blue Ain't Your Color" and give it a distinct Motown vibe and you know what? It works. It works extremely well. 

I love the whole look of the video, especially since they went all out with the Motown theme by including the choreography. Shout-out to choreographer Kristin Denehy for coming up with this routine for the guys. It added a fun layer to the video and they did a great job with it! Another things I really like about this, aside from those vocals and dancing, is the use of light. When it dims and there's those few shots where we see their silhouettes dancing; that's probably my favorite part of the whole video. It just looks so cool. 

You know, I like Keith Urban a lot and I do like the original version of this song, but felt like it was missing something. It always seemed a little flat to me. Home Free gives the song some much-needed dimension and the Motown flavor livens it up. Listening to this reminds me of what's so great about Motown and makes me wish more people made this kind of music. 

File this under the Home Free songs that showcase how well vocal percussionist Adam Rupp and bass singer Tim Foust fit together. They are one of my favorite rhythm sections in music and one of the best. Easily. Their combined efforts provide the perfect foundation for the other three to build from. I love the feel that they give this. It's exactly what the song needed. They're always so smooth.

As are the rest of the vocals. Honestly. if I had to pick one word to describe this, that would be it. Smooth. The lead vocal is split between Rob Lundquist and Adam Chance. I'll get to them in a second, but first let me acknowledge that Austin Brown's high harmony is the icing on the cake. I think it kind of ties everything together.

This cover is a good example of why I feel like I could listen to Rob sing just about anything at all. I love the tone of his voice so much. It was a great fit for both the lyric and the sound! Another thing that this cover did is make me realize how lucky us Home Fries are to have Chance in the group. He's fit in seamlessly from the beginning and I love to see him getting featured. Talk about smooth. His voice definitely qualifies. It has a little bit of texture to it that I like. If Home Free has given "Blue Ain't Your Color" some more dimension, I'd say that Chance does the same thing for the group as a whole. He gives them slightly more of an edge and I really like that. I feel like I've said this about him before, but he really was the perfect person to bring on board when founder Chris Rupp retired from the group. 

As I said in the introduction, it looks like us Home Fries are in for a wonderful year. As always, I can't wait to see what they do next. 

If you want to see what they do next, here's where you can keep up with them: