Friday, December 30, 2016

My Favorite Home Free Videos from 2016

Continuing my little series on my favorite music videos of the year, we have Home Free. It was a good year for Home Free, albeit one that came with a brief period of uncertainity as we adjusted to the revelation that Chris would be leaving and Adam Chance would be coming in. But as I've said on here more than once, this worked out about as perfectly as it could have. Chris is doing great things and Chance fits in seamlessly. I say this with absolutely no disrespect intended towards Chris, but in a way it feels like Chance has always been there. That's how well he fits in.

The men of Home Free definitely gave their Home Fries a lot to be happy about. All of the videos they released were wonderful. So much so that trying to narrow it down to five felt pretty impossible. So, what did I end up doing you ask? Narrow it down to seven. Which is almost half of the videos they put out in 2016, but no matter.

How about we get started?

1) "Try Everything". We begin with the video that I daresay eased a lot of fans minds. This was Chance's Home Free music video debut and he came up strong to the plate. Or would that be to the mic? Whatever. Point being, he comes in on that second verse like the champ he's proven himself to be. 'Atta boy, Chance. This was a great song for them too; it's so much fun. Plus, you gotta love that they wanted to do something that was aimed more at their young fans. It's not too often than an artist will do something geared more towards children and I love it. Well done, guys. That said, anyone of any age can enjoy this. It came out on April 26th and I, for one, am not capable of staying still when I listen to it.

2) "Can't Stop the Feeling". Ah, another one where I'm not able to stay still while listening. This was uploaded on June 22nd and I think they had a blast feeling this. Largely because it looks like they did, but also because Tim mentions how they had a lot of fun filming it at the end. My favorite people to watch will always be the ones who love what they're doing. It makes it so much better.  This video can always make me smile. I get such a kick out of these guys. You can check out the video spotlight I did on this here.

3) "God Bless the USA". This video came out on June 30th, just in time for July 4th. I'm so happy that they decided to release this because it's beautiful. This one features Chris, which is appropriate since this is a Chris arrangement. That he did about 16 years ago. Wow. This has also been a staple in their live shows for a long time. So it was probably only a matter of time before it got a video. I wrote about this earlier in the year and you can find that post here. But for now, sit back and enjoy this beautiful tribute to our country and the men and women who defend it.

4) "My Church". One of the biggest country songs of the year, Home Free released their video on July 15th. I like the original just fine, but there's just something about this one. I love what they did with it and I love the way they sound. It's a nice, relaxed beat from the talented Adam Rupp and one that's guaranteed to make me want to sing along. I got to see them do this live earlier this month and they had the audience sing along at the end. Not that unusual in and of itself. Except they divided the crowd into three sections and gave each section its own part. That's not so usual, but I loved it. Especially because it actually seemed like it worked. Though seeing as the show was here in Nashville (i.e. Music City), it would have been embarrassing if it hadn't.

5) "Thank God I'm a Country Boy". Released on August 5th, I'd be lying if I said that a part of me is surprised that this made the list. Not because I don't like it (it made the list; I obviously do), but because for whatever reason it's not a video I seem to watch all that often. I honestly had forgotten how amusing it was and so decided that it deserved a little love. How can you not love these guys?

6) "How Great Thou Art". There was absolutely no way that this would've gotten left out. It was the first video I knew would make the list and so was never in danger of being cut. This came out on October 28th and is beyond beautiful. They did an outstanding job with this song and they filmed the video while they were in Austria. What a gorgeous country. I wrote about it a little while back; it's right here if you're interested. I believe that this is one of the best songs they have ever done. Hands down.

7) "Colder Weather". Our last video on the list came out on November 15th. This was a song that they performed on The Sing Off and it finally got an official video. Incredible vocals by all of them. I mean, that's to be expected, but this song allows them to really show them off. It's so beautiful. Watch. 

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